MEND is for men who yearn to connect with self, one another, ancestors and the land in order to grow, heal and serve.

Three main experiences gave birth to MEND. Each experience represents years of cultivation.

One: The enormously transformative and positive consequences that participation in nature-based ROP fasting has had on each of us and our communities. Our conviction is that through aligning with the cycles of creation and the elemental forces, we can re-awaken our ancient memories that serve to guide us in the direction of balance and reciprocity. 

Two: The profound personal and professional impact that our work with men has had on each of us. We have all witnessed the need for a safe place so we might be with ourselves and feel into the roots of our identity, while also recognizing our responsibilities to those who support our lives. May we learn to feel, to express our vulnerabilities and our strengths and stand together as connected humane beings.

Three: We have been participants and facilitators of men's groups. In doing so, we have experienced and witnessed the beauty of supporting and being present to one another's wounds and growth. We are confident that when men feel safe in the company of other men and are supported by a natural setting, remarkable healing can occur.

We clasp the hands of those that go before us

And the hands of those who come after us... 

from 'The Healing' by Wendell Berry

We express our gratitude to all the gentle-men, the heart-centered brothers, friends, uncles, grandfathers, mentors and guides who have shared and shown us how to be humane beings. We re-member you.

Marco, Charles, Dean