Whether you are attending a MEND weekend or a multi-day ROP program, you will be camping on the land and will need to bring your own food. Potable water is available on site in large gallon containers and you can bathe with water from the pond or dipping pool. 

After you complete an application and if are accepted into the program, we will send you a list of everything that is required for your stay. 

If you have 5W questions - who what, when, where, why - please send us an email. If you want to register for a MEND weekend or the multi-day ROP program, send an email with 'Requesting a MEND weekend application' in the subject heading. 

This year, participation in MEND weekends is required to enter the ROP program.

 Acceptance/Welcome package will include details in terms of equipment, dates, costs, cancellation policy, etc. Submitting a completed application does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

2019 DATES*

MEND weekends

9:00am June 29 to 1pm June 30, 2019

8pm July 19 to 1pm July 21, 2019

August 24, 25, 2019 (to be confirmed)

MEND ROP program

6pm September 21 to 1pm September 29, 2019

*all dates subject to change


MEND weekends: $220CDN/weekend

MEND 7 day ROP program: $1000-$1200CDN (sliding scale)

*prices subject to change


Can I drive to the site?

Yes, we are located approximately 2.5 hours from Toronto and the same distance from Ottawa.

Are there washrooms?

No. There is a shovel and designated areas. BYOTP.

What about food - are there cooking facilities?

MEND weekend and ROP participants are responsible for bringing their own food and preparing it on site. Limited amount of cooking can be done on a provided outdoor propane stove top. Potable water is available. 

What about health emergencies?

All participants must have health coverage, whether through OHIP or privately. Local hospital is in Madoc, a 10 minute drive from our site.